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BROS is built around a core of top-level software professionals specializing in development.
Our focus is on providing in-house digital solutions maximizing the potential for all of our partners.
We optimize your company's resources and integrate them with our skills in order to fully realize the impact of your web-based projects.



A website itself is not enough to have your business succeed on the internet. What you need is a plan. BROS will build the right website for your company or project with key focus on your layout,compatibility, UX, and much more. A website that is missing any of these components is not a complete website, but rather a poor investment of time and capital.


We bring your idea to life. We work with you in the early planning stages, find the best architecture and technology stack that suits your application's needs, then design and build your entire product from scratch. Once it's live, we help you hire the right developers and train them on the application with our best experience.


Are you stuck at some point of your software development process? We will give you a hand and drive you through any part of the process, offering technical support and our know-how to help you accomplish with those tedious deadlines.


'The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google...'. Your products and services might be better than the ones offered by your competitors, if the users can't find you that's a big problem. BROS will optimize your web in order to make your business easily findable by your clients and improve your reputation on the Internet.


Your great idea will stay in your head if you don't share it with the right people. Complete social media integration and active use of these social platforms is needed to get your message out and shared. We strategize a plan and schedule to communicate your goods, services, and news in a way that keeps users wanting more. BROS is your digital eyes, ears, and voice on the web.

Some masterpieces.

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Uruguayan Chamber of Commerce

The majority of institutional websites we come across are poorly designed and have maze-like layouts. Believe it or not these outdated websites were created for small fortunes many years ago, by programmers (*make a mental note that designers and programmers are 2 different titles, few people possess both skills). The prior CNCS website was so complex, it stumped users trying to get information about doing business in Uruguay as well as its own internal management team. By working on a strategy together with our designers and programmers we were able to come up with a navigation menu that makes finding information clear and quick. The open layout of this website allows it to breath and flow from one page to the next. Every bit of content was given a place where it could be easily obtained and appreciated. A solid digital strategy resulted in a better user experience and lower bounce rate.


DERES is a non-profit business organization that promotes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Uruguay, (the leading promoter in the country). This has been an awesome project, Eduardo and María reached out to us because they heard about us from our work with the Uruguayan Chamber of Commerce. Since the very first meeting, María and Eduardo let us dive into their mission and online workflow in order to really comprehend the challenge of building up a brand new and unmatched web solution that fit the company they are. After a month and a half of hard work and a lot of fun we came up with this beautiful and mobile-friendly interface that encourages DERES’ online users to know more about the company and save them time to focus on what they do best, Corporate Social Responsibility.

Arquitectura Rifa
Geo-plataforma de Viaje & Website

Uruguay’s School of Architecture throughs an country wide raffle every year so that students university grads can recieve funds toward an around-the-world trip hosted by each year’s class and staff. Every year the prizes get bigger and better, by participating you can win anything from an iPad to a summer home in Punta Del Este. This year, they wanted to make their mark online and captivate Uruguay’s public with the same personal touch graduating class possesses. That is why you will notice that the responsive website we built for them includes an always sliding friendly banner of the whole graduating class. It is personal touches like these that really engage users and result in more wanted actions online.

Port Chester Chamber of Commerce

The Port Chester – Rye Brook – Rye Town Chamber of Commerce is a local Westchester organization that helps village businesses and entrepreneurs network and communicate their brands, products, and services. Ken Manning, President of the Chamber told us that his old website had outdated and unnecessary features that complicated and confused users and his staff. He needed a simple solution that wouldn’t break the bank so he called BROS. We customized an efficient mobile friendly website that allows them to reach their 3 main objectives:

  • 1. Showcase their network through an ultra organized business directory.
  • 2. Communicate networking events and more through a custom calendar.
  • 3. Allow new businesses to easily get in contact with/join the Chamber

Being that the village of Port Chester is also known as the restaurant haven of Westchester we also developed a landing page that provides each member restaurants name, address, and contact information on RestaurantsPortchester.com. Now anyone who wants to grab a bite can simply look through a guide of the delicious eateries the village has to offer.

The best part about it is that all objectives can be reached via a desktop or mobile device, making The Port Chester – Rye Brook – Rye Town Chamber of Commerce ready for new members and business.

Podcast Platform &

The independent audio magazine devoted to mashing up pop culture, technology, science, and more! Pop Tech Jam is now live and doing very, VERY, well. In its first 9 months PTJ had 6000 podcast downloads (per month), reached the top-10 chart on iTunes’ tech podcast category, 12,800+ Facebook likes, and 10,000 cups of coffee (OK, maybe just 10% of the coffee part). Pedro Rafael Rosado, a true showman, techie, producer, chivito connoisseur, and one of the creators of Pop Tech Jam contacted BROS to set them up online and we have been strategizing together ever since. Pop Tech Jam uploads a new podcast every week, if you missed the first couple make sure you download them

Laboratorio de Microbiología Agrícola
Website & Socials

En abril del 2012 Hugo Luizzi y Margarita Sicardi crean el Laboratorio de Microbiología Agrícola como parte del programa de Incubación de Empresas de la Facultad de Ciencias(Universidad de la República del Uruguay).
Saliendo al mercado con un servico único que se basa en la aplicación de estándares de calidad y tecnología de punta para garantizar la inversión de sus clientes, Hugo se puso en contacto con BROS para que colaborásemos en transmitir éste mismo mensaje en la WWW.

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Tangible Technology

Although we can handle everything your company needs on the digital-side of things, we encourage business owners to take more ownership of their website (it's the only way to truly touch the market). We understand how the web works and how quickly we need to adapt to stay afloat. BROS will translate the digital language for you in a way that educates and motivates you as we build together. Seeing is believing, but we want you to touch it too.


Insourcing > Outsourcing

The world gets a little smaller everyday, and we want to make it even smaller. Every member of our team was hand picked because of their expertise and ability. Our diverse skills and experience with various industries allows us to effectively produce the right solutions at the right price. BROS currently works seamlessly from 3 countries everyday. Outsourcing is so 20th century. Out with the old, in with the new.


We Speak "Entrepreneur"

BROS is the tech machine behind multiple companies that we have helped progress, including some of our own. We weren't always successful, and we aren't afraid to share our failures. Our experience as active entrepreneurs has allowed us to have a deeper understanding for risks, budgets, crazy concepts, failure, and most importantly, great success. We aim to share these experiences with you and hope you can also share your insights with us. Capiche?


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